Sunday 16 June 2024

Morning stretching routine full body 15 minutes (video is Timelapse 2 minutes)

 I am working on a morning routine video for my Patreon members on Patreon dot com /traditionaltaekwondoramblings . 

This is a routine of standing exercises which is highly suitable in any training environment (sitting exercises are better for indoor training) and it loosens up and readies the body from the ankles up to the head and everything in between. It’s a great routine for starting out your day, it really opens up all kinks and soothes old injuries. It’s also a great way to start out your training session as it wakes up all limbs and joints, and it’s great if you are struggling with the motivation to start a session. You start with your ankles which is easy, and then you do your wrists, then your neck and now that the ball is rolling you are doing kicks, punches forms etc before you know what happened 😛

It will be published in a few days time. This is a Timelapse of that footage where the full routine takes about 15 minutes in real life but you get the idea from here in only 2 minutes. On the Patreon version it will be a follow along where I say what we’re doing and count so it’s a follow along one.

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