Thursday, 16 April 2020

Sharing some of my favorite Taekwondo Poomsae Quotes (On application)

I recently made a 30 minute video of myself sharing a few of my favorite practical poomsae application quotes. These are taken from many sources, but both from the Karate roots of taekwondo and from "modern" taekwondo masters, as well as a short discussion on the stages of poomsae training as outlined in the Kukkiwon Textbook.

Below is the video itself, and if you click the "read more", you will be treated to the quotes themselves in text format as some prefer them in text. For more context and my own thoughts about them watch the video :-)

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Taekwondo and Corona Virus

We are living in a historical time. I have never read about a single other time "everyone" has been part of a social experiment at this scale. Some countries have done a lot to prevent Corona from spreading to rapidly, and other countries have done nothing, yet others have opted to isolate the people in high risk group while the rest of the population "roams free". Only time will tell what is the best solution, and how this will affect the society at large. In Norway based on the little information knwon to us in our Dojang we decided to close down the Dojang to help social distancing early on (a few days later the government kept up with us and ordered all sports to close down). In our Dojang we felt that social distancing and self quarantine would benefit the society more than keeping the Dojang open. As Taekwondo is supposed to help society we felt that closing down the dojang to help fight the spread and hopefully keep the hospitals and health services at capacity would be more beneficial than keeping it open. Read the whole thing as I come with a lot of tips later on how to keep providing a service to your students.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Teaching a class using only one technique?

I've been a fan of "repetition by stealth" ever since I heard about it, and last Friday I wanted to
challenge myself as an instructor and see if it was possible to teach a whole class with a narrow focus on one technique without it being boring for the students. To challenge myself even further I decided on going on the most basic of techniques, the traditional straight punch (one hand going back to the hip as you punch). It is heavily featured in our Poomsae, and it is also the perhaps most often trained hand technique in traditional Taekwondo. The Friday class consists of students from 13 year old to people in their 40s. Theres beginners (just gotten their uniform) to black belt students in that same class. Teaching this kind of class where everyone gained something from it, and narrowing the focus down into one technique was a challenge. So I made a rough plan, then tweaked it into a more detailed plan and "went to work" :-) Below is how the class was done.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sharing some Quotes, Notes and other stuff Part 4

I am very happy to have learned that people actually enjoy this series so here is the last one (I think) this time around as I am running out of journal :-P When I change books again (earliest at new year) I will see if I will revive this series and share some more. I also have some older notebooks which I can also share stuff from if people are interested. Because these are notes taken from my journal these posts might look a little chaotic but that is the nature of my notes. I have an index and I am also using a method called "threading" which is a brilliant method to use when taking notes all over the place so to me this is all logical and helpful but since I am sharing bits and pieces here as they show up in the journal it might look a lot more disjointed than it really is:-P So for those of you jumping in here in part 4 I will share that I am using the Bullet Journal System as Ryder Carroll presents it. It is a clean no nonsense system, but if you google it today you will probably be swarmed with elaborate pieces of art. The original system is great, but these elaborate pieces of arts I am sure is great for those with the time and artistic sense to make them but dont look to them if you want to start journaling. In my mind they're kinda missing the point :-P Think on Taekwondo and how if you google it you will find K-pop and circus demonstrations all over the place, while the practical application of the art for self defense is something entirely different :-P  As always the things written in cursive is diretly from the journal while regular writing is me adding context or thoughts to the quotes.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Sharing some Quotes, Notes and other stuff Part 3

I have always been a fan of journaling, and I have tried keeping training journals and I have several notebooks in regards to my Martial Arts study. Back around November 2018 I started with Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal Method which has suited me incredibly well. Now we are in September 2019 and I have written through a whole book over 200 pages and well into my second one. Ryder Carroll's original system is great and minimalistic but it can easily be adapted to any persons needs, and so for me it is my training journal, my notebook for self study (Martial Arts, Philosophy, Norse Mythology etc), my work planner, my free time planner etc wrapped into one neat book. I have become a much more productive person after starting this and if you are strugling keeping up with things I recommend looking into it. Once I moved out of my old book and into my new book I reflect by going back and looking through the last year of notes. I noticed that a lot of my Martial Arts notes might be of interest to readers of this blog, so I am sharing my martial arts related material here. Everything written in cursive is quotes directly from the book, while stuff written in plain old text is me giving some context or comment on what you are seeing. These are my notes, so things making sense to me might not make sense to you without a little embellishing :-) So without further adu we will jump straight into March 2019:

Monday, 16 September 2019

Sharing some Quotes, Notes and other stuff Part 2

In part one we saw a lot of quotes on various topics of martial arts, and notes on a theory lecture of self defense. The presentation of this stuff might be a little disjointed but I am sure everyone who enjoy this blog can find something in these posts :-) As I explained the background of this series in Part 1 you can go there to read the intro there, in this Part 2 I will simply continue on where I left off. For those who do not bother reading the intro in Part 1 (I know you are out there :-P ) the things written here in cursive writing is taken from my notes while everything written in regular writing is my comments to provide a little context etc on it :-) So without further adu lets go straight into it:

Monday, 9 September 2019

Sharing Some Notes, Quotes and other stuff Part 1

Image Source

I haven't been the best at posting lately, but I am trying to get back at it :-) Yesteday I moved from my old journal to a new one, and flipping through the book so far (November 2018- August 2019) I saw that there were a few quotes, notes, ideas, etc that readers of this blog might enjoy :-) The way I journal is based on Ryder Carrolls "The Bullet Journal-method". If you had to google that you probably found the artsy beautiful works of art, that is not the original bullet point method, it is a stripped down bare way to organise everything into one book. If you are interested in how that works check out Ryder Carrols work, do not get fuzzed on beauty, I have no decorations, colours or anything in mine. It is pure function ;-) With that out of the way let us start this sharing of everything martial art related (semi or otherwise).