Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cheats, tips, thoughts and hints I usen when it comes to training:

The following post is just a little list of 5 Points that might help you a little in your training. They are merely my own observations and fit for me so you should take it with a grain of salt. I do however hope that the tips I share in this post will be helpful to this blogs Readers. So with that introduction out of the way lets dive right in shall we? :

5 Points on training: (Edit: 6 Points)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Micro Post; This months quote

This month I have picked a quote by Colin Wee. A great blogger and a very knowledgeable Martial Artist. I am lucky enough to call him a friend, and we have had many great chats together about the martial arts (at least I think they are great). Each time we chat I find myself taking notes and some time ago we chatted a lot about power generation. We who practise Taekwondo practise essentually a striking system (there is grappling etc, but main strategy is striking) so power generation should be at the forefront of our training. Choi Hong Hi wrote a lot of good stuff about this, but Colin somehow got all of that into one short quote which is quite profound.... When the year is over I plan to gather all the quotes of the month into one long post and I am sure that eventhough other quotes have been said by "legendary" masters, this quote by Colin will still stand out as pure genious:-)

"We need to take [our] body mass, set it in motion, accelerate it,
and transmit this power through the end limb
and inject it into the opponent."
- Colin Wee
Author of "Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog "

Friday, 11 April 2014

Happy Birthday Taekwondo:-D

11th April 1955 is widely regarded as the birthday of Taekwondo. This date is significant because at this date in a meeting between officials from the government of Korea and several leading Taekwondo pioneers (at least Choi Hong Hi and Son Duk Sung was there) the name "Taekwondo" was proposed and adopted as the umbrella name of the hard style Korean Martial Arts that so far had used foreign names such as Tang Soo Do, Koong Soo Do and Kwon Bup to refer to their arts. Choi Hong Hi is the man credited for comming up with the name so all lineages of Taekwondo should be thankfull for his contributions that spreads across different lineages:-)

To read more about the pioneers of Taekwondo you could follow the links below. I have not completed the series yet, but it is fitting to take a few minutes of this day and remember those who has gone the path before us:-)

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Poomsae: Drama or collection of fighting skills?

"You need to decide wether your Taekwondo is for health or for practical application" (Paraphrasing legendary Martial Arts Master Anko Itosu).

We practise Poomsae as a group activity in the Dojang, and I believe several martial artists out there will do them solo in their own training time outside the Dojang. At least I hope they do:p Forms in Martial Arts of South East Asian origins used to be the center of training. The thing that kept all aspects of the system together and conveyed tactics that together imparted the principles and strategy deemed positive to give to future generations. My personal opinion and belief is that the Taekwondo forms today were originally designed so that the students of Taekwondo could use the forms that way, but the traditional main stream way of using forms in Taekwondo has been as "movement education".