Friday, 11 April 2014

Happy Birthday Taekwondo:-D

11th April 1955 is widely regarded as the birthday of Taekwondo. This date is significant because at this date in a meeting between officials from the government of Korea and several leading Taekwondo pioneers (at least Choi Hong Hi and Son Duk Sung was there) the name "Taekwondo" was proposed and adopted as the umbrella name of the hard style Korean Martial Arts that so far had used foreign names such as Tang Soo Do, Koong Soo Do and Kwon Bup to refer to their arts. Choi Hong Hi is the man credited for comming up with the name so all lineages of Taekwondo should be thankfull for his contributions that spreads across different lineages:-)

To read more about the pioneers of Taekwondo you could follow the links below. I have not completed the series yet, but it is fitting to take a few minutes of this day and remember those who has gone the path before us:-)

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