Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Micro post: Taegeuk Cipher DVD clip Taegeuk Oh Jang practical aplication

Here is a Clip from the New Taegeuk cipher DVDs. This is the ending sequence from Taegeuk Oh Jang which undoubtfully have puzzled many a Taekwondoin`s mind when it comes to practical aplication of the move Beyond kick and backfist strike.

How to buy the DVDs and more information at www.palkwon.com . If you want to show Your support you can always go to https://www.facebook.com/taegeukcipher?fref=ts and "Like":-)

The review I have written will be here soon:-)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Micro post: This months Quote

I will try to get one quote for each month. They will be Martial Arts related and some will be funny, some will be serious, some will make you think (hopefully). First out is one quote I have hanging on my Office wall and that is something that you can apply to every aspect of life not only Martial Arts. Bruce Lee is often either hated or hyped up to be a Martial Arts Demigod. I will not hide the fact that he is one of my childhood heroes and that his philosophy is something that speaks well for me. I do not agree With all he wrote, I especially do not agree With most of his critizism of "traditional styles" but I recognize that at the time People did not know any better and many styles had recently been introduced so it probably was fair critisism at the time. Anyway here is the quote:

"Knowing is not enough
you must apply.
Willing is not enough
you must do." 
 -Bruce Lee

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Taegeuk self defense system!

I have refferenced, linked to and reccomended Simon John O`Neill`s book the Taegeuk Cipher to everyone who have the slightest interest in forms Applications and those interested in the Taegeuk forms series. He published a truly landmark book a few years back titled The Taegeuk Cipher. I have read that book to shreads and it is still one of my all time favorite martial arts books (and I have 100s). The only thing that could have made that book better was if there was bigger/clearer Pictures acompanying the Application section. I wished for a long time that someone could upload a few aplications on the youtube or something so it would be easier to see a few of the harder Applications but so far no one has. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING EVEN BETTER OUT THERE RIGHT NOW!!!! Simon has made a set of 4 DVDs where he demonstrates his now tweaked and updated Taegeuk self defense system and let me tell you it has been really hard to not say anything (I have known about the Project for some time) but now it has been officially launched in the Totally Taekwondo Magazine so I think it is safe to let the cat out of the bag now.

I am currently writing a detailed review but the short Version is: Buy the DVDs and you will not regret it. For those unfamiliar With his work here is the review I wrote on his book that I also reccomend for everyone (Even if they buy the DVDs there is enough different material in both Works that both are good to get). I wrote it shortly after it was launched a few years back. The DVD review will come here when it is finished:-)

Monday, 4 November 2013

1 simple training method for straight punches

When I teach beginners how to punch the Taekwondo way many flap out With their elbows or do "rounded" punches so they can feel that the punches are more powerfull than they really are. Early in my teaching days I had some trouble finding an easy way to correct this behaviour so that they could reap the benifits of the straigh punch. After some Heavy thinking I found a solution that was so easy it was brilliant (you know I have a big ego by now dont you?:-p ) What this training Method needs in terms of Equipment is one wall and an arm:-)