Thursday, 14 November 2013

Micro post: This months Quote

I will try to get one quote for each month. They will be Martial Arts related and some will be funny, some will be serious, some will make you think (hopefully). First out is one quote I have hanging on my Office wall and that is something that you can apply to every aspect of life not only Martial Arts. Bruce Lee is often either hated or hyped up to be a Martial Arts Demigod. I will not hide the fact that he is one of my childhood heroes and that his philosophy is something that speaks well for me. I do not agree With all he wrote, I especially do not agree With most of his critizism of "traditional styles" but I recognize that at the time People did not know any better and many styles had recently been introduced so it probably was fair critisism at the time. Anyway here is the quote:

"Knowing is not enough
you must apply.
Willing is not enough
you must do." 
 -Bruce Lee

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