Friday, 6 September 2013

Is there grappling in Taekwondo?

The question pops up time and time again. On discussion forums, articles, blogposts, from prospective students and even some instructors(!) You see the focus on competition and rapid spread of the art and its inherent focus on strikes (most notably kicks) result in what seems to me to be a Whole lot of People practising Taekwondo purely as a striking system devoid of any grappling at all! This does come With a lot of consequenses in all areas of the art. If you remove all aspects of grappling from Taekwondo (which many seems to do) you are left With a very Limited skillset.

Without any grappling you:
  • Have Limited yourself to only striking
  • Have movements and forms (Poomsae) that sometimes makes little to NO sense
  • Are open to "grappling attacks"
  • Are in big trouble once your opponent establish a grip on you