Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Micro Post: "Look Eye, Always look eye Daniel San"

Simon Scher has made another tutorial that I whish to share with the readers. It focuses on where to look at your opponent. It does not matter what lineage you hail from or what style of Taekwondo you do, the principles on where to look at your opponent is pretty universal;-)

Friday, 3 July 2015

How many forms can you have before it is too much?

Author performing
Taegeuk Oh Jang
The other day I was thinking about this. Ron (an American Martial Artist who I deeply respect) asked a question on a forum about how a martial arts school would fare if they only taught 3 forms (I am widely parahprasing here because his question is not the point of the post only the train of thought it
resulted in). I answered as I believed: That it would fare great if it taught those three forms in sufficient depth, but only with a relative small but very stable number of adult practisioners. I highly doubt it would become a great comercial succsess because as far as the general public is concerned more forms = more knowledge. I also had a short discussion online with a Master who has his own Dojang about how many forms you can teach which again ties into the question: How many forms can you have before they are too much.