Sunday, 4 November 2018

Pyung Ahn Hyung Series Part 3: Pyung Ahn Chudan (1), Funakoshi Version

Image Source: Karate Do
1935 edition
In my last part of the series I promised I would start looking more into the form(s) themselves, and If you have read Part One (click here to get there), or Part 2 (click here to go to part 2) you will allready know that Funakoshi changed the teaching order and why he did it. You will also know that all the Kwan that I have found documentation on the Pyungahn series has taught them in the Funakoshi order. So what I have done here is to read the 1922, 1935 and 1958 book of Funakoshi where he describes or demonstrates this form. I made a video performance based on the form, and then I used snapshots of that video to document the form here. So you will get both video, pictures and text in this post (a little something for everyone).
this part will focus on the first form in the Funakoshi teaching order; Pyungahn Chudan Hyung. In Okinawan Karate, or just about all Karate styles apart from Shotokan this would be Pinan Nidan (2), but for us and Shotokan it will be the first form.