Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Some application GIF`s (almost movie :-) )

I have been asked for video demonstrations instead of pictures when it comes to applications, but I have opted for pictures because with them I can use and reuse for different publications. Since I also contribute to various other formats (most noteably Totally TKD Magazine) it is only natural that most of the demonstrations are in picture and text format only. Messing around on blogger the other day I noticed that my phone and blogger had made various GIF`s of several application photos and I decided to share them and not let them go to waste. Since the applications have been thouroughly explained before on this blog I will not go into great detail here, only short explanations along with the gifs.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The importance of "Chambering"

Traditional Martial Artists often discuss "technique" and how to properly excecute them. Great deal
of thought and teaching goes into minute detail for each technique. One thing that I see less and less in Kukki TKD these days is the variance within how to do the techniques. Before the internet, and the large focus of Kukkiwon to standarize its techniques many masters did the techniques different from each other. Often the differences amounted to very little if any difference in actual application, making most changes aestetic instead of practical. In some cases though how to perform a technique will change the application or in worst case make the practical application of a technique impossible.

I have opted to demonstrate two techniques in Taekwondo in this post: Knife hand guarding block (Sonnal geoduro makki) and forward back fist strike (Deungjomeok ap chigi) to show how the chambers fit in with the actual application of a technique.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015 in retrospect and where do we go from here?

Each January I like to sit down, have a cup of tea and look through the blog from the previous year
and reflect on what I want to do in the current year. Looking through the post I wrote in January 2015 I realize that the quote of the month did not go as planned (to put it mildly), and I do hope I can restart it this year, because I really love quotes. If you are looking for a freshly written indepth article you can skip this post, but if you are curious as to which posts were the most popular wth the raders, which posts were my favorites, which posts garnered the most discussion etc please read on.