Monday, 4 November 2013

1 simple training method for straight punches

When I teach beginners how to punch the Taekwondo way many flap out With their elbows or do "rounded" punches so they can feel that the punches are more powerfull than they really are. Early in my teaching days I had some trouble finding an easy way to correct this behaviour so that they could reap the benifits of the straigh punch. After some Heavy thinking I found a solution that was so easy it was brilliant (you know I have a big ego by now dont you?:-p ) What this training Method needs in terms of Equipment is one wall and an arm:-)

  1. Find suitable wall
  2. Stand so Your front is parallell to the wall (adjust if Your style is like mine that you punch toward Your own center.
  3. Punch With the arm closest to the wall
  4. Repeat a few times
  5. Change side
  6. Repeat With other arm
If the student punches roundpunches/curved punches their elbow will Connect With the wall giving Instant feedback that their technique is wrong. This feedback occurs on each and every technique done so you should be able to remove this problem within one single session:-) Problem solved:-)


  1. hello
    i used to put pencils under their armpits. they had to punch without dropping the pencils. since i place huge emphasis on keeping the elbow down at almost all times ( i put the video for knife hand on my you tube where i talk about it) i generally do a vertical fist face high, 3/4 fist for middle, fully pronated for low punch. i feel that it makes the straight punching easier to do as the pronated fist tends to make people raise their elbows and do "round" punches as you describe.

    1. Thanks for the tip Richard:-) I will try out the pencil thing first thing tonight:)