Thursday, 20 December 2012

Collection of "Good" Poomsae Videos (Cup Graders Poomsae)

In my previous post I suggested that people should stay away from Youtube when trying to learn themselves forms. I got a few comments from my fellow students that maybe it would be more helpfull to "collect" what I would consider good videos for learning. I regret to say that I have not chosen "the best" as I consider the best videos on youtube "stolen". They are uploaded from a DVD collection that people have been working hard to produce and that they are making money from (at least trying to make money). The people who are uploading that should stop doing that and really look into what Taekwondo ethics and philosophy are all about. I have included one "stolen" video so you can see wich ones that you should stay clear of so you do not support this theft. The rest of the videos I have chosen to share are stolen too, but so long ago that they are not being sold anymore. They are in some rare sequences a little outdated, but all in all you do not go much wrong in following along these videos.

Taegeuk Il (1) Jang (Stolen video that people are still trying to sell)

If you see the same "black" background then you are watching the same series that people have been working hard to produce and that we should buy if we want to watch them.

Taegeuk I (2) Jang:
If you are watching this background you are watching another "stolen" video but as it is not sold anymore nobuddy are loosing money for people to be sharing it. Note that in some cases there are minor tweaks that has to be done to be up to date:-)

Taegeuk Sam (3) Jang:

Taegeuk Sa (4) Jang:

Taegeuk Oh (5) Jang:

Taegeuk Yuk (6) Jang:

Taegeuk Chil (7) Jang:

Taegeuk Pal Jang:

So they are not the best Youtube has to offer, but they are indeed far from the worst. The best thing about them is that they can be shared as no one has financial gain from them anymore. In my next post I will post links to the same series but this time the Judanja (Black Belt) Poomsae.

I wish you all a merry christmas:-)

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