Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2012 retrospect plus what would you like to read in 2013?

Happy new year everyone. I trust you all had a nice celebration and that we are all happy that the world did not end just before Christmas??:-)

Before I start looking back at 2012 I think it is prudent to look forward and ask: What would you like to read about in 2013? Is there anything you think would make a great blog post theme? Would you like more "how to?" posts? more history? more Kyorugi? more applications from the forms? Or something completly else like philosophy? Ki? Taegeuk? Meditation? If you are following my blog and you have an opionion or ideas please submit a comment:-) (You do not have to give any names if you do not want to)

The new year is finally upon us and I thought it would be great to just write a little about how the blog did in 2012.

The writing style and topics have been almost constant since the inception of the blog. It actually started out in 2008 as a Norwegian blog but I did not post much and I really did not start writing much before 2011 and then only in English. In March 2012 I did change the whole template of the Blog. It used to be white text on a black background wich I in 2008 though was a great and unique way of blogging instead of the mainstream white background and black text. When I reached 3000 visitors I changed it into the current format wich I think is easier to read than the older one. I did make the headings of the front page in blue just to stay a little unique though:p

The month with the most hits on the blog was November 2012 with 3742 hits wich is a lot for this blog:-)

The most read posts in 2012 are:

The most discussed posts in 2012 are:
What were your favorite post(s) in 2012? Is the ones listed above or is it some of the more obscure ones?:-) And please tell me if there is anything you would like to read in 2013:-)

Happy new year


  1. Hello, my friend.
    I hope you have a great new year!
    It's hard for me to tell about my favorite posts in 2012 once I've just found your blog very recently, but I can say I'm enjoying every post.
    For 2013 I think it would be great of you to write a little more in depth about stepping and turning (to all directions), with details like where to put our weight (ball of foot, heel, etc), whether to step in a direct line (KKW way) or in a crecent way (shotokan karate and other) and the advantages/disadvantages of all options.
    Maybe a little on differences between styles of taekwondo, if possible would be great, too -- all of this has been my interests, lately,

    By the way, I remember far in those 2012 times I asked you about the way the hips were used in KKW blocks (to the opposite side when compared to karate) and why it was like that, and if there was any taekwondo style that turned the hips in the karate way (in most instances I prefer that way, and it puzzles me why in KKW style it is not like that). You know, some article on hip movement could be great!

    On that last issue, if you could tell me of any taekwondo style that uses a hip motion (mainly in blocks) different to the one used in Kukkiwon taekwondo, it would already make a great first step into 2013 to me! :D
    Thank you for your blog and keep up your great work!

    1. I had a great new year:-)
      To sum up it seems you would like more "how to" posts, with explonation on why we do things, and if possible variations of other schools and why they do their variations?

      I will try to write indepth about stepping, turning, hips etc in 2013:-) Right now I am trying to write an indepth look at "Gibon Chumbi Seogi" or ready stance. It seems that it is rather unique in Kukkiwon Taekwondo and differ from the Karate way and the ITF/Chang Hon way.

  2. Hey Ørjan!
    Yes, I'm not sure if "how to" posts is exactly what I meant, but the explanation of the "whys" is definitely the point! And I really love comparing the options made by different systems and trying to understand them.
    Your idea for the ready stance is very interesting, and I'll be waiting to read your post.
    Be well and have a nice week!

  3. Hi Ørjan

    I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago, but I think the content is really great! I've been practising Taekwondo for half a year now, while being in China to study and I really like how you can find applications for the different blocks and stances in the poomsae.

    I hope you can do more on philosophy as well this year, as well as ki (气) and meditation. I really liked your post about religion and taekwondo as well.

    Anyways, whatever you write about, I'm sure it's going to be a great read!

    Keep it up!


    1. Thanks Thomas. Both for your feedback and your suggestions on what you want to read.

      I have met several Chinese Taekwondo students over the years and I must say that the level they have in competition is remarkable.

      I would be interested to hear if they let any of their native arts "blend" into the teachings over there? For instance is Ho Sin Sul (self defense) more based on Chin Na (is self defense practised at all?)? How were you taught your forms? etc etc:-)

      Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog:-) As long as people are getting something out of it I will continue to write:-)