Monday, 16 December 2013

Micro post: Taegeuk Cipher DVD clip Taegeuk il (1) Jang practical aplication

Sorry for all the "Micro posts" lately. I planned to have one or two each month but lately there has been so much to share that the more "indepth" posts would have to wait. I will make this up to this blogs Readers by providing a 3 posts for the price of 1 on December 20th;) For those interested in practical combative Application to the Taegeuk forms Simon has shared another treat With us:

This is a Clip from the New Taegeuk cipher DVDs. This is from Taegeuk il (1) Jang and is the lang front walking stance and low Block followed by middle section punch without stepping sequence. It occurs twice in the form (it has different Applications in the DVD.

Note how this takedown is extremly basic and uses the stance and movement from the low Block to take Down the attacker. The fact that it is a basic takedown does not make it bad, it just makes it so much better to include in Taekwondo training since it so closely follows how we are trained to move and keeping it basic means that it does not rely on all that grappling training that we do not do (well we should include grappling as support techniques, but we primarily practise striking so it is logical to keep the grappling basic). For a Detailed review on the DVDs click here

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