Saturday, 1 March 2014

Micro post: Taegeuk Cipher DVD clip Taegeuk Sam (3) Jang practical aplication

Simon O`Neill has shared yet another Clip from his brilliant Taegeuk Cipher DVD where he explains self defense and fighting applications derived from the Taegeuk form series. I have confessed that I love his work and especially admire the coherent way in which all his applications fit together as a logical syllabus. I hope to acchieve the same level of coherentness myself one day. An interview with Simon O`Neill is scheduled for release on this blog the 5th of March (Previously published in the Totally Taekwondo Magazine)

In this sequence he demonstrates the "knife hand block" from back stance moving into long front walking stance and "middle section punch" from a more strikingbased viewpoint. The "blocking movement" might seem a bit off if you are used to the "Kukkiwon standard" but it is wholly inline with the older Kwan (the schools that together made Taekwondo) method of moving.

The most basic application is a simple block punch combo and as far as block punch combos go this one is not that bad, yet it can still be used in more sophisticated ways as shown below

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