Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Reccomended Reading Part 1

My love for Martial Arts and my love for reading books has over the years made me amass a rather sizeable "library" on martial arts and martial arts related books. After being asked the question "What non Taekwondo book has enhanced your TKD the most?" recently I had to think through what books I have read and which had done the most for "My Taekwondo". The answer to the question of which book had enhanced my TKD the most (non TKD book) is probably Iain Abernethy`s Bunkai Jutsu as that book was the one who really started me out systematicly looking at the forms I practise and how everything fits together (or should fit together anyway). I have always been interested in the practical application of Taekwondo, but before reading the Bunkai Jutsu book I really did not see how Poomsae had combative meaning beyond being basic techniques strung together. Bunkai Jutsu by Iain Abernethy will therefore be in this series but not right now:-)

The first book I would like to put in the spotlight is the "Kukkiwon Textbook". The reason why this is the first book I reccomend is that I practise Kukki Taekwondo and eventhough I try to write about Things applying to all styles of Taekwondo the blog can be seen as a Kukki Taekwondo blog.

There are so many people out there practising Kukki Taekwondo who do not own this book being taught be instructors who has never looked inside this book but still assures them that what they are teaching and practising is Kukki Taekwondo when in fact it is far away from the standard that is documented in the book. I think that even if you practise the Taegeuk and Black belt forms set there is more to Kukki Taekwondo than its forms so you should teach and practise the full system.

There are simply to many instructors and students saying stuff like we do not use or have knee or
Application showing
grappling in Poomsae!
elbow techniques. There are no finger strikes in Taekwondo. We do not use vital points when striking the opponent, there is no grappling in Taekwondo etc etc etc... The system of Kukki Taekwondo is actually pretty good with many very effective strikes and also some grappling in it. Kukkiwon Textbook shows all these techniques and how to execute them and gives some basic applications on most of them. Also included in the book is a lot of Martial related material such as how to teach Taekwondo, Taekwondo philosophy etc. All the official grading forms of Kukki Taekwondo is included and well documented leaving little doubt as to how the forms should be performed and it also gives a selection of applications for each form (except Illyeo Poomsae).

The Kyoreugi section lacks instructions and is mainly illustrated with only short texts explaining what is happening. Many people would benifit by reading this section and look for the lessons they teach on how to apply the system. It is presented in the basic format of formal sparring but the lessons you learn here can easily be adapted to combat. Also of interest is the inclusion of grappling techniques, throws, viscous takedowns, as well as the inclusion for techniques against sword, club, long stick, bayonet/rifle and knife.

Most misconceptions about Kukki Taekwondo not being a martial art would be easily cleared up and dismissed as being wrong if people actually were to read the textbook of the art they are claiming to teach and or practise/ study. If you are an instructor and or a serious student/ practisioner of Kukki Taekwondo there is no way around the fact that you need this book in your library. If not right now put it on the "to buy list". Or if you are running a TKD School you could get one or two copies for the use of the students or at least the instructor group of your dojang.

The Kukkiwon Textbook is truly a treasure and it is needed for the serious study of Kukki Taekwondo BUT if you do not practise Kukki Taekwondo or do not really care the book will have little value to you.

So where do you buy the book? You can travel to Korea as I did:p or you can click here and buy it on The price is a little stiff maybe but at the same time it is a real "brick" of a book packed with illustrations and text on a wide variety of subjects explaining the whole system of Kukki Taekwondo. I have bought books that are a lot thinner for roughly the same price.

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  1. thanks for the link to buy the book :)
    i'll buy this book for sure some day ...

    1. This series will be going for atleast 10 posts (I will Write about other stuff too in between book reccomandations) so you should get a lot of different Reading material to look at:-) Kukkiwon Texbook literally being the textbook of the Kukki Taekwondo system means that in my view at some point you should get it but it is not completly necesarry if you allready have a good instructor and you learn a good Complete system. From Your comments I think you are Lucky and learn a very functional Taekwondo system so this book is a great Resource if you are going to teach yourself one day but I am not sure if this book will teach you a lot of New stuff as you allready practise stand up grappling and are openminded enough to know taekwondo includes knees, elbows and small surface striking tools. You are lucky to be right where you are as there are many others who start Taekwondo and only get the "sport package taekwondo". Nothing wrong With the sport package really but if it is marketed in any way as a martial art and self defense etc and only sell sports then it is not good in my own opinion.

      Some of the books that follow this post might be a better place to start purchasing than the Kukkiwon textbook for you Amrullah depending on what you are focusing on in your current Taekwondo study. I will try to include a link to each and every book I reccomend so others who are interested can get them for themselves:-)