Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Micro Post; Side Kick Toturial

I was sendt a link to a Side Kick Toturial some time ago (time passes sooo fast) and I really really liked it. It is made by a Chang Hon Ryu student called Simon and he is quite good. He has some other Toturials that I will share in the future but I will start with this one. The side kick is one of the most challenging kicks we have. It is so many ways to do it and while the Kukkiwon has their Version (which actually has a few small differences from Simon`s Version) I think that it should really be up to the students to find one that will be safe for them to do and which is effective for them in terms of ease of movement and how much power and speed they can generate. It does not matter which version of the side kick you choose in terms of the excersises Simon presents in his video. I use many of them my self and I will try out a few of his tips that I do not currently follow. I enjoy his presenting style which is so full of energy that you just want to get off your behind and train once you see it. Simon is open for comments and wishes feedback so if you have anything you would like to share do not hessitate on commenting on youtube. And if you really enjoy the video do not hessitate to share:-)


  1. Great tutorial...we used to practice like this, on the ballet bar, when I was coming up through the ranks!