Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Thank you :-D

This blog got its facebook fan page years after it only consisted of this blog. Samir my "mentor" when it comes to spreading the blog further to a wider audience was completly right when he told me that the interest for traditional Taekwondo material is higher than you would believe when looking at the sportive focus that seemingly dominates Taekwondo today. I am astonished that we in a very short time have gotten over 500 likes! I want to thank all the supporters of the blog and of traditional Taekwondo :-) It is a pure joy for me to keep writing when I get so much support. Just the other day I woke up to this message:

"Hello, I am currently reading all your posts on (Some 30 or so of my posts has been published there). I am loving them all, Thank you very much for so many good ideas that I wanted to implement but did not dare because I wasn't taught like that (especially in self defense and not close yourself just to the sport)"

So in short what I am trying to say is
(And special thanks to Samir for making me establish the fan pange, teaching me how to run it and for making this photo/banner)  


  1. wow! did a good job! congratulations! perhaps i should talk to him, maybe he can make me famous!

    1. He is great and very knowledgeable. Both in the martial as well as the computer ways;-)

  2. Dear Orjan, thank you very much for the kind mention in this post.
    You are an inspiration to me as well.
    Despite receiving a small help from myself, the success of your blog is just a direct result of your own efforts and talent.
    By the way, I see you are already approaching 600 followers. I'm sure many more will come. Congratulations!