Wednesday, 18 November 2015

News report from Denmark, Girl (15 years old) holds her own against 3 assailants!

I have talked a little about self defense before on this blog, and in the future I will talk a lot more about the issue as I see that many things related to self defense (not fighting) has been forgotten in the Taekwondo comunity in later years. Once we start exclusively focusing on the sport of taekwondo we loose the knowledge gained regarding self defense. Well this time I have translated a news story from VG: .

I might use this article later on to explain some self defense concepts but I think the story itself is good enough to be a blog post on its own as we so often read about when things go wrong. The article speaks about the girl having experience with martial arts but it does not specify which one(s) but I will bet Taekwondo is at least one of them ;-)

Clumsely translated by me:

"When the Danish 15 year old was attacked by three men on her way home, she gave them a lesson they will likely remember for some time.

It was on Sunday evening (15 November) the Danish girl rode her bicycle home towards Jyllinge when she was suddenly stopped by three strangers. One of them closed of the bicycle path with his moped, so the girl was forced to stop.

According to the local paper, to of the strangers tipped the girls bicycle over, and then tried to open her jacket, but the girl held her zipper up with all her might. The men not easily thwarted stuck their hands up her jacket from underneath searching for valuables. What the men did not know however was that this girl had a lot of experience with martial art(s).

When the girl feared whe was going to be sexually assaulted she leaped straight into buisiness. One of the men got a powerful kick into his ribs, which made him back off. The man on the moped did not get easily frightened and approached the girl as the other backed off, but he was met with a powerfull kick to the head.

Taken advantage of the oppertunity to flee, the girl seized her bicycle, and got away as fast as possible toward Jyllinge. The police are still hunting the three men."

As I said in the introduction the newspaper does not state which martial art(s) the girl knew and had experience with but I dont think it is unlikely that Taekwondo could be a good bet considering the tactics she used to defend herself with. The story is a great example of how important it is for girls (and boys for that matter) to learn how to defend themselves. If she did not know anything about how to defend herself I fear that we would have been reading  another sad story about sexual assault or the dissapearance of a 15 year old girl. There are many good points to learn from in this story and I might very well revisit it and write a little more about it in the near future :-)   

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