Monday, 19 June 2017

Micro Post; Application from Hansu Poomsae

Hi there:-) I'll try to publish a little more often than I have lately, but some posts will be labelled micro posts. These will be quick and to the point. This time I'd like to share an application (응용) to Hansu Poomsae pyojeok arae makki  (target low block) where you block into your hand so it clamps around your wrist. It's an unusual technique and many never learn it but it's often puzzling for those who do learn it.


  1. I know the photo on the right looks like an arm bar, but speaking tactically I reckon it's more limb control into a shoulder lock or takedown. The way that arm bar looks - it just looks like it's not going to work, and the technician is going to get stomped in the knee or a punch to the groin or a body takedown. IMO. Colin

    1. I wrote in the other post that it is an elbow joint lock, but after thinking about it it becomes as you say more of a shoulder lock at the end. The woman in the picture is not doing it very well to be honest, but the technique works. The way you say it works best as a limb control into a lock or takedown fits very well with how the form flows on from here. The very next move of the form is (by me) interpreted as a takedown :-) that is the problem of isolating one small fraction of the form, you don't get to see how you end up there or what to do next, but you do get an idea for the pyojeok arae makki (target low block) :-)

  2. Actually, the issue here is that it is a photo. Taken of some person wanting to show how 'some' control can be applied. Without really understanding how these things work.

    In reality, a hard stylist should be wrenching that bloody arm off the guy's body. Get control, then twist real hard. Then hit him again. Of course, doesn't look the best for the book if the guy is down on the floor and the practitioner is holding part of his finger. Or his scalp.

    In the modern world, we are obligated to learn such control in order to act appropriately on the force continuum. Perhaps in the modern world the photo would show a person being restrained who's lying face down on the floor in the same position - with practitioner sitting on top of him and pulling his arm like that.




  3. I don't agree that photo shows it. That is something else.

    In Korea the application was a deflection of a kick or a low trap of the kicking leg. nothing high up there. That would be a low block or palm block if it was high like that.

    1. I actually think it's a downward punch to the top of the head. If you look at the previous two movements you see
      - Parry and arc hand strike
      - Grab the ears and pull down while jumping forward
      - Downward punch to back of the head

      I know the movement is officially a "target block", but that seems like the most likely use to me.

    2. That’s an interesting notion :-) thanks for sharing :-) (and commenting;-) )