Sunday, 21 October 2018

Amazon affiliated links (a new way to support the blog)

If you check out the sidebar to the right of the blog now you will see that the adsense is now gone and instead I have put up a few products with amazon affiliated links. What that means is that if you follow the link and buy the product (or anything else for that matter) I will get a small commission for the purchase. Going through these links will therefore be one way of supporting my work and research. This also means that I have 100% control of what products I put up there, and I will only put up things that are relevant for my blog and that I know are good. Right now there's a link to Stuart Anslows Ho Sin Sul book (affiliated link), one for Kukkiwon Textbook (affiliated link) and one book by Iain Abernethy on arm locks (affiliated link). All of them will probably be a good read for people who follow the blog, and all of them are books that I own and enjoy myself. I will change these around thought, so depending on when you are reading this post you might find other products or books there, but it will always be:

1: relevant for the blogs overall content
2: always be something I myself own and use myself

If I use links within articles, blog posts, for instance a book review or something that is an affiliated link I will always put (affiliate link) after the link. The reason for this change is that adsense that I used to have did not really work for the blog as it constantly showed unrelated stuff (for me anyway) that was not interesting. It did not pay much either (since 2011 I made juuust enough money to buy one book :-) ). I hope that with these kinds of links the blog might revenue a little more than that so I can invest more into my own research, and I do hope that you, the readers do not find this alarming or negative :-) Do not hessitate to comment if there is anything you are wondering, I will answer any civilized question that you might have :-)

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