Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Taegeuk Il Jang, Solo performance + Applications

I have made several videos on Taegeuk Il Jang over the last year, and as I have done in written form on this blog I have covered the form move for move throughout the complete Poomsae with practical applications :-) In this blog post I thought I could make a convenient way of gathering all this into one place. When I get a little more time I will try to make a "master post" where there are pictures, text, history, videos of performance and videos on applications in one place, but this short one will do in the meantime :-)

First out is the Solo Performance of the form. This one was filmed after a training session so I was not at "my best". If you are expecting high straight up kicks etc this will not be a video for you :-P To get the different angles I filmed myself doing the complete form 3 times from different angles and then edit them together to make a single video, so after a training session I did the form three times in a row just to squeeze the last bit of energy out :-P Filming oneself and putting oneself out there is highly recommended, as you get to watch yourself and can see what you need to work on, and you also make yourself accountable as you are now out there :-P Also I hope more people can do this to demonstrate that there are people out there who do not kick straight up who practise these forms as well ;-)

After the Solo performance we can get into the applications proper :-P The first clip demonstrates the opening moves and the follow up moves, so the first 6 movements in total.

In the second clip I demonstrate the middle part of the form, the inward midle section block, punch combo with the follow up movements, so it covers to the second instance of long front stance, low block, punch combo in the form.

The third clip demonstrates from the high section block to the last movement of the Poomsae. It explains perfectly the weird turn we do in the form to "get back" to the starting point. From a pure block punch kick perspective it makes zero sense as it is the longes possible way to do this as a block, and therefore many beginners turn with "the wrong foot" in this instance. Teach them the applications and they will know that for it to work they have to do it the "correct way" :-)

I hope you enjoyed this little series of clips :-) 

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