Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New years resolution problems?

Happy new year 2012
Hi and happy new year everyone:-) Yes we are already come to the middle of January, and I guess many of the readers have made themselves some kind of new year resolution. Many wants to do more excercise, be kinder to their spouses (or husbands;-), and then there is the other kind of new years resolution. Quitting a bad habbit. There are suprisingly many people who starts each new year trying to quit something. It is difficult to kill a habbit and it is partiqulary difficult to stop a "nice" bad habbit (something that feels good but is bad for you really). I came accross a really good guide that would help the last group, and this is a little out of my usual writing, but maybe this will benifit more people than my usual target group. Note that the guide is not my own, but it is well written and extremly well researched.

To read the guide just click here

After reading it I am sure you all can apreciate just how good and well thought of his logic is.
All the best to all of you and your loved ones and a happy, safe new year:-)

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