Friday, 20 April 2012

Application to Chulgi il Hyung

Here is a clip from Iain Abernethy that was released a few days ago. I have written before about the history and bacground of this form (click here to read it) and that I was (and still am) very facinated by the richness of it. It contains few and simple movement throughout the form, but there are boundless possibilities for applications here.

I was very suprised in a pleasent way when I saw this clip because I knew that I was getting something right. I allready had applications to the moves in the clip and they are move for move identical to the clip! As Iain Abernethy is one of the leading experts in applied Kata (pronounced Hyung in Korean) I guess that if my applications that I come up with myself alone is the same as his then I can not be to far off when it comes to "read" my forms:-) I take this as good news:-) Note that all techniques in the video applications are dangerous and I only provide the video here for educational purposes.

The old hard style Korean arts that together made todays Taekwondo practised this form and all the techniques are still present in todays Poomsae allthough scattered around. Chulgi is such a great form that I learned it even though it is not considered a part of "Kukki" Taekwondo anymore. Maybe more will follow after seing this clip? If you are going to learn just one form outside your syllabus this form is THE ONE! It is the basis of all Shurite-Karate and it is renowned for its realistic applications and close in fighting. Also learning this form for a Taekwondo black belt (the performance part that is) should not take more than a few dedicated hours as the techniques and stances footwork etc are in all our "Kukki Taekwondo Poomse".

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