Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My first video mini lecture; What is the difference between Hyeong, Tul and Poomsae?

This is my first ever video mini lecture. It clocks in at 16 minutes, it was unscripted, and I took it as a
fun challenge since I am way more comfortable to write English, than to speak it. It became very "Norwenglish" as a result, but I think it is understandable. If not I have texted the whole clip (so you can even see it without sound as long as you turn on the captions option on youtube). I am still a beginner when it comes to editing video, but I managed to cut out the most fumbling bits, and I managed to insert some illustrations to break up the monotomy of me talking and to give you something to view besides my ugly mug.

I talk about the history, the meanings, translations, reasons why the different organisations uses different terms and much more in this clip. Did you know that we have two different terms Poomse and Poomsae? Do you know the difference between them and what they mean? Do you know when they changed from Poomse to Poomsae and why? Do you know when Choi Hong Hi changed from Hyeong to Tul? That and a whole lot more is in the clip:-) If you enjoy it, and want to see more please subscribe to my youtube channel, and or share the clip with any taekwondo nerd that you know:-)

Because I deal with Hyeong, Tul and Poomse/Poomsae, there will be more than enough to keep any taekwondo stylist (or KMA practisioner) entertained. I need to work on my presentation technique, but this first time it was challenge enough to speak in english :) It is best seen in a full screen format as it is widescreen format.

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