Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Part 2: Flow drills for Taekwondo hand techniques

In my previous post (part 1) I wrote about flow drills, and presented the first template. This time I
will present the second one I use, which follows the same 3 point template but this time things have changed a little:-) I did not get to video more so you get this series in more parts than I would have liked, but then again I could wait until I had the rest of the videos I need to complete the post (about 6 more) and not give you any content in the meantime. Something is better than nothing so here goes template number 2:

Template 2; An Makki:

Now that you have seen the above video, you know much of the basic premise of the template. This time the attacker does a straight punch, which the defender parries inward, the other hand comes underneath before it being pushed aside as in the first drill. This is pretty much "The Parry-Pass" method that I use for Kukkiwon's bakkat makki as seen in Taegeuk Sam Jang for instance. So the main thing that seperates this one from the rest is the straigh attack, and the first contact point on the outside toward the center line or "inner"/An.

Note that we have slowed down significantly so you can see what is going on. Once proficient in the drill you can increase the speed. But do not increase it so much that it looses its techniqal content.

I hope to provide much more video content to this blog in the future. I have therefore set up a GoFundMe page on which I hope I can crowdfund a video editing software so I can make good quality videos for the blogs readers. If you want to contribute please visit the link to my GoFundMe page. Every donation helps :-)

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