Friday, 24 October 2014

Facebook page launched

Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings is getting more and more popular. I thought when I started writing that I would Write in English so I could comunicate With anyone who was interested in what I wrote but primarely I wrote because it was/ is a great way to gather and organise my thoughts and increase my Learning experience. After blogging since 2011 I have gone from a few hits a day to 200 hits a day and this has slowly but surely increased day by day since I started. Launching a facebook page for the blog is a logical step to comunicate better With the Readers of the blog since it is a lot easier to ask questions that are not directly related to the posts they are Reading but which they want answers to nonetheless and it will be easier to share interesting content both from me and to me:-) I do not have all the answers (never said I did) but I do love questions as they force me to think. Indeed many posts on this blog is the direct result of a question asked from a student or fellow practisioner.

If you want to see the facebook page (not much content there at the moment but there will be soon) and give me a private Message or share some interesting visit and if you like this blog give me a "like" in there;-)

Thanks to Samir for helping me setting it up and for designing the background picture (included in this post and now proudly displayed at the top of this blog as well)

Best regards from Ørjan.


  1. It's just fair to have your blog receive all the visibility and recognition it deserves. In fact, taekwondo practitioners have great benefit in getting to know your blog, so I'm very glad you've created a Facebook fan page for it.

    As for the background picture, I'm glad you liked it. Please remember that after you gain your first million (am I too late talking about this now? :D ) due to your worlwide taekwondo fame. :D

    1. If I ever get a million (dollars? Punds? Euros? Kroner?) I will be sure to remember you Samir ;-)