Friday, 10 October 2014

Micro Post; Upward Elbow Strike Application

Jeff Rosser is a name you are going to hear a lot more about on this blog in the future. Hopefully you will also hear more about it outside of this blog as well. He is currently in the procsess of publishing his book on elbow strikes and applications and if you have followed Totally Taekwondo Magazine and read his articles you will know that this book is not simply about basic elbow strikes but a very sophisticated use of elbows in striking, locks etc. He recently filmed a few applications during a workshop he held in Korea and shared them via the study group I belong to on Facebook. I found the videos so excellent that I thought I should share them here as well because practical applications of Taekwondo technique no matter if they are linked back to our forms or not is still practical application of technique. Elbows are especially often neglected or overlooked in our studies of Taekwondo so I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. If it Works you should be able to view a playlist With three videos at the time of writing, if not let me know and I will provide a link to the others seperatly:-)

In a few months I hope that I will get the chance to review his book and provide an interview with him so stay tuned:-)

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  1. This guy has some fnatastical ideas, but I am not sure I would say elbow strikes are meant to be joint locks. I do not think the poomsae meant for elbow strikes to be joint locks either. I would just say go study Jiu Jitsu or something...not that Taekwondo does not have joint locks becuase it does obviously, but I am saying some of these ideas are a bit over the top and if you want grappling just join BJJ or Hapkido or something. Hapkido traditionally has no forms at all and has tons of joint locks but also elbows. Elbows are elbows and joint locks are joint locks.