Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Micro Post; This months quote:

This month I would like to share a quote from the Taekwondo Study Group I belong to. A question was asked about "boxing punches" and techniques in Taekwondo which spurred a great discussion on bio mechanics etc. Simon O`Neill had a great comment on the bio mechanics of punching which I would like to share with this blogs readers.

On differences between bio-mechanics used in boxing vs Taekwondo punching:
"It is not so much where you chamber as much as
what part you mainly use to generate power from 
(shoulders or hips) and what you do with your feet meanwhile.
Often the differences between boxing punches and taekwondo punches is said to be boxing punches from the guard and Taekwondo from the hips but that is really a big simplification. The real difference is as Simon says in such a short quote much more to do with structure, and where you are generating power from. Obviously boxing also uses their hips, but they rely a lot more on shoulders for power generation than in taekwondo basic technique.

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