Friday, 18 December 2015

Drilling application from Taegeuk Chil Jang

Image Source Choi Hong Hi 1965
Taegeuk Chil Jang is for some reason one of the Poomsae I have written very little about when it
comes to practical application. In the clip a little later in this post I demonstrate a short drill on the "makki tul" or 막기틀 that explores the back fist strike, inward crescent kick, and target elbow. I believe I am using the back fist strike from the form in a little before seen way in Taekwondo circles.

As you will shortly be able to see in the clip I use the chamber of the back fist to move the guard hand out of the way (or to parry a strike), I pass to my other arm which pulls back to the hip (I cant actually do that here on the simple blocking apparatus I have) and strike with the back fist or forearm depending on range. I do the crescent kick low. I aim at the knee joint or just above the knee joint to collapse and slightly turn the opponent before following up with an elbow strike. I had never done the last part before on the blocking apparatus and its not the same as doing it on a person so it is a little akward. The back fist strike used in the beginning however is something I have done before.

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