Friday, 11 December 2015

Micro post: Drilling "Makki-concepts"

I`m not sure what to call this clip. I am simply drilling and freestyling bakkat makki while sticking to the simulated limb. It is a great way to drill what to do if your punch is blocked and how to work your way from the inside to the outside and vice versa. I can start pretty simple and stationary (not shown in the clip) then with footwork included, and then with strikes included, and then with multiple strikes included. The last part is me including move 2 from Taegeuk Sa Jang and it was totally improvised. It is a multipurpose drill making use of the "traditional" basic techniques of Taekwondo.

Hope you enjoy :-)

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  1. Bro you would be extremely excited and encouraged from the curriculum that the KTA uses in talks about for self defense. They actually use move like that and modify the large movements of the poomsae. They basically showed street fighting techniques. They showed movement with typical blocks and also modified circular in short arranged blocks and boxing style punches. It was such a relief to see that. So what you are showing is actually valid for Taekwondo.