Friday, 4 December 2015

Drilling application from Taegeuk il Jang

Again I post a clip of me playing around with the blocking apparatus or Makki Tul. This one is lifted
directly from my series on Taegeuk Il jang part three. I will include the pictures of that application below before the video so you can clearly see the link from application with a humanbeing and this short drill. As the blocking apparatus does have its limitations in that it is static I do not follow through completly with the application I got this from. I am here focusing on the high block, kick, punch, turn and do a low block (which in the form is followed by a step forward and punch but here it is omitted because of the static nature of the blocking apparatus.)

First the application I am drilling:

Move outside inward parry

pass to other arm and direct upwards

kick to disrupt

punch (to the midsection of the form and in the drill in the clip)

elbow wrench from previous move

hammer fist strike (move 17 in the form).

Below is the clip which demonstrates the drill. Hope you enjoy :-)

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