Saturday, 17 February 2018

Micro Post; 3 Applications on outward block from master Henrik

Master Henrik from Sangrok Taekwondo Norway has yet again published a clip on taekwondo applications. This time it's the outward block, or bakkat makki that is in focus. He presents 3 different applications to this technique in a well produced clip. Again it' his father who assists in the clip:-)


  1. Thanks for sharing, 3 very fine applications. Often when people sees Taeguek/Poomsae, they are missing the important part of the different applications. This brings more understanding, to what is happening.

    1. No problem :-) I've been writing about applications to poomsae (and many other things) for 7 years now :-) this video series from master Henrik is very well made. If you haven't seen them all you can find all 3 videos he has made so far (inward block, outward block, and high block) on YouTube or on this blog.