Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Micro Post: Interview on the new competition poomsae with USA Poomsae Coach

I really enjoyed this interview. I'e been asked about the topic on the new poomsae many times, and since they are for competition and my entire focus these days are Taekwondo as a martial art (as opposed to martial sport) they are not really relevant for me. I'e also dismissed them as "fluff" without much if any real "martial content". I do try to keep an open mind (even if that does not come through my in my writings) so I clicked this interview not really knowing what someone whose focus is sport thinks about them. He does raise many good points, and I'll try to find the complete interview (this ones 8 minutes long, and it cuts just as they are starting to talk about the evolution of sport sparring. I hope you enjoy as well :-)

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