Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Video of a Taegeuk Sa Jang application

I have often promised to make videos, but I have never really gotten around to actually do it:-P Last
night we did some pictures for my latest article for totally taekwondo magazine (joint locks and terminology), and when we were finished (55 seconds later) I thought, why not shoot a few seconds of footage and make "something" rather than "nothing" :-) The result was that we filmed two flow drills, and a few seconds of drilling a variation application from Taegeuk Sa Jang.

A variation application (Byunhwa = Variation, Eungyoung = practical application) is an application that is based upon the Poomsae(s) but stray from it in one or another way. In the clip the spear hand thrust is changed from middle level to high section, and it is converted into an openhanded strike. Also for the sake of the drill I do not step forward, but this could have been included as well. A long time ago I filmed myself drilling an application from Taegeuk Sa (4) Jang on the "Makkitul" that I made a makeshift version of. This is the same drill done with a partner that feeds me haymakers. The footwork was not included in the clip, but they are slightly different from side to side. I stay in an orthodox stance (right foot back) no matter if my partner feeds med a right or left haymaker. This is worth noting if you try this one out yourself.

A few key points:

  • I step forward at a slight angle, to come inside the circular attack.
  • I use my natural flinch response to deal with the attack.
  • Imidiatly after making contact one hand controls my opponents arm, while the other goes straight into the opponents neck. There is no pause.
  • I make sure my openhanded strike hits, by keeping the path clear with my nonstriking hand.
  • This is only one of my takes on these movements. There are many ways to use them. Find a way that suits you.
First the version without a partner (you've seen this before if you are a regular reader):

And here is the second version with a partner. In the beginning I'm only drilling the first movement, before I start using the second movement in conjunction with the first after a few reps. 

It was a fun process editing, and I did it very fast, using a free version of filmora. I am considering trying to crowdsource a lisence so that I can make more (and longer) videos and not having to have the watermark on the bottom of the screen. If you like the clip, give me a comment, a thumbs up on youtube or share it with that one friend you have;-) If theres anything in particular you want me to film (an application, breathing excersise, drills etc) perhaps something that I've written about and used only text or only pictures that you want to see "live" or something completly different, give me a comment or pm me through facebook :-)

I hope to provide much more video content to this blog in the future. I have therefore set up a GoFundMe page on which I hope I can crowdfund a video editing software so I can make good quality videos for the blogs readers. If you want to contribute please visit the link to my GoFundMe page. Every donation helps :-)

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